08 Jan Woodenware: Why You Should Choose It

Wooden dishes have been around for thousands of years and they certainly take us back to a time we didn’t get to experience first-hand. Adding woodenware to the kitchen and dining area can be a refreshing change of pace. The best part about owning wooden dishes is that they can be used for multiple things. Of course, its primary use is to serve food items such as salad, fruits, quick bites etc., however, the use is certainly not limited to that.

Ideally, Woodenware is used for preparing and serving foods, but there are many other reasons to add vintage wooden products to your home. Here are top 4 reasons, to name a few.

Display them on a shelf

If you love vintage stuff or have a dedicated shelf where you display antique decorative, then a set of classic wooden bowl or tray would fit right in. Since bowls are no longer made out of only wood, it makes them all the more valuable and perfect to display in your living room or dining area.

Make and serve salad in it

To date, many people prefer preparing salad and serving it in wooden bowls. And there are many valid reasons for that. Many people believe that the natural smell of wood makes salad taste even better. For salad, most people also prefer lightly grinding herbs such as parsley, basil garlic etc., in the wooden bowl as the wood retains all the flavor.

Woodenware- Salad Bowl

Serve finger foods and bread

There are authentic ancient wooden dough bowls from centuries ago that still exist in the world. Wooden serving trays or bowls were heavily used to serve dinner rolls and light snacks back in the day. And of course, the tradition still lives on in many families around the world.

Wooden Serve Bowl

Use it to display candles

If you wish to add a festive vibe around the house, place large scented candles, some pine cones and other ornaments in a wooden tray or bowl and you are done. To keep things simpler, you could also use wooden bowl to display artificial fruits and place it in the dining area.

Woodenware for Decoration

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