19 May Wood for the Vacation Homes

Vacation homes or weekend cabins are really an escape pod from reality. Outside all the chaos and the concrete jungle, it brings you back in the arms of Mother Nature. The soothing and calming vibes in the woods near a lake or a beach, where the only “noise” you would be hearing is of the breeze cutting through the trees making a harmonic note, the melodious soundtrack of mockingbirds or the waves hitting the shore.

Since vacation homes are supposed to be an exit from the highway of your routine life, they need to be different from the home you live in now. Nothing carries a rustic panache aesthetic to your abode with more grace than wood. Not only does it turn up your style quotient but it also blends in with the environment you are in. Be it up on the hills surrounded by alpines or on sun kissed sandy beach.


Great choices in cabin decor accessories can bring a fresh new look to a rustic abode theme. Add an air of authenticity by bringing the outdoors inside. Going back to basics by including hand-hewn wood furniture, twig baskets and wooden serveware.

Your sofas, dinning plateaus, coffee tables are already fancy and leathery enough in your daily houses. So there is no need to do the same with your vacation homes. The whole idea is to escape the routine and this can only be done through a fresh change in your furniture. Having furniture made out of wicker, timber or even cane just to be cosy and comfy enough. Using floral or tropical themed designed covers for your cushions, jute rugs, light coloured tapestries to blend in with the nature you are surrounded by.

Why stop at furniture when you can get all nature frenzy with your serveware too. Choose wooden serveware to bring in the rustic chic aesthetics to your dinning plateaus. The grain work on the woods carries that aura of elegance and charm.

They are easy to clean and maintain, so that you don’t have worry about them whilst you are on mission to enjoy. Just like a good bottle of fine wine, which gets better with age, the wooden serveware grows beautiful with age. They give a vintage appeal.

The Gemini Platter

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