Ways to Snazz up The Above Bed Space

18 Nov Ways to Snazz up The Above Bed Space

Need a fresh bout of ideas to do up your lovely bedroom? Target the wall space above the bed. It’s the perfect area to draw some attention and create a bit of drama. There are a myriad of ways one can go about it – so, we decided to pick up a few best ideas of what to display above a bed in a master bedroom to get you some inspiration to go with!

Wall Art Frames

The first and simplest way of brightening up the above bed space is – paintings! Wall frames and canvases are something that one can pick to complement the color schemes of their walls. Check out the art frames at Cyahi that can give an instant artsy feel to your bedroom!



Be it a large single artsy mirror or a series of small ones to create a focal point – mirrors are something one can’t go wrong with when doing up your home!


Courtesy: Home bunch


Wall Plates

Cyahi’s latest collection of Wall Plates makes for the ideal above-bed display. They add an instant look of sophistication to plain walls. Get some inspiration from our previous post on different wall arrangements, here.

Wall Plates

Courtesy: Design Sponge



Go all out with an elegant fabric canopy or stay minimalistic with just curtains – either way fabric drapes add a modern sophisticated look to your bedroom!


Courtesy: Dwellings by Devore



Floating shelves are the other way one can go about it. Create a unique display with Colored Glass Jars and Art Frames, to give it a personalized feel.



A window just above the headboard solves all your dilemmas – creates a bright space for natural sunlight and a focal point at the same time!


Courtesy: Better Homes and Gardens

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