Have you ever looked at celebrities and wondered how they look so sorted when traveling? Everything around them seems effortless and yet chic. Well, it isn’t rocket science. A bit of organization here and a bit of revamping your style there can completely transform the process of travel from frenzied to exciting.


1. First Things First: A Stylish & Practical Handbag

It’s important to make sure your hand luggage is practical enough to carry all the things you will need inflight without making it too bulky or boring. Opt for patterns, hues and colours while making sure you have a big compartment to store some of your most essential items.


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2. A Cozy Wrap

It’s very easy to forget while one is packing that flights tend to get super cold super quickly. And if you are planning a long journey, it’s important to plan ahead. Take a wrap or a poncho along with you, which you can pull out as soon as you are seated to make sure you have the most comfortable flight.


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3. Make up bag

You don’t want to get off the flight you had a bad hangover. It’s crucial you carry some make up essentials like your eyeliner, lipstick, concealer, a perfume and a comb. Make sure you have a stylish and convenient cosmetic bag that can fit all this without you having to worry about space to pack it in your handbag.


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4. Comfortable Sandals

Remember, you are going to be in the flight for a long time. Water retention while sitting in the same position can cause feet to swell. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable footwear and keep taking frequent walks down the aisle when it is ok to walk in the flight.  But comfortable doesn’t mean boring. Sandals are great to give your feet some breathing space. You can take them off or put them back on easily.


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5. Sunglasses & Moisturizer

Flights use a lot of air conditioning, which tends to leave the air very dry. Make sure you’re drinking ample of water and keeping your skin hydrated by using a good moisturizer in the flight. Keep your lips, hands and feet moisturized frequently. Also don’t forget to carry sunglasses in the flight while you’re gazing at the scenes outside or on landing.


6. Phone/Tablet & Headphone

Flights can be long and sometimes you want to be left alone to relax. Make sure to carrying your headphones along so you can play the music you love while you want to sleep or unwind.


7. Reading Material

Long flights give you ample of time to catch up on some great books you have been meaning to finish. Carry a couple so that you can have enough material to last you for your journey. Do make sure you have sufficient light so as to not strain your eyes.


8. Journal

Travelling requires planning and coordination. Make sure you have a have it all organized in a journal, which you can always refer to. Journals also make up for an excellent way to document your travels, experiences as well as scrapbooks of memorabilia you may have collected during your adventures.


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