25 Apr Latest Transparent Designer iPhone Cases & Covers India

Why go for plain and simple phone covers when you can decorate your beloved iPhone in a designer phone case?

There’s no doubt that in this day and age people are addicted to their phones and life without our cell phones won’t be the same anymore. We are always holding on to it while out and about and how we take care of our cell phones speaks volumes about our personality. One way to keep our phones safe is by protecting it with a quality phone case. There are plenty of options out there and we’ve got some great ideas for you.

Why one should spend money on quality phone cases:

  1. If you want quality stuff for your iPhone then shelling out a little more than usual will benefit you in a huge way. A quality and designer iPhone case will go a long way than a cheaper one.
  2. The designs and patterns on designer phone case are sturdy and would last longer.
  3. Expensive iPhone cases are unique and an easy way to give your phone a new look.


#1 Orange Crush iPhone 6s Case

There’s something very refreshing about oranges and this one is all about making you feel energized any time of the day. Cyahi’s orange crush phone case is especially made for fruit lovers.

orange crush iphone cover

#2 Kiwi iPhone 6s Case

Bright green kiwi slices on the back of your iPhone would look darn cute. Don’t you think? This designer iPhone case is available for all iPhone series.

kiwi iphone cover


#3 Cloud 9 iPhone 6s Case

Express your awesome mood with this cloud 9 iPhone case every day. The transparent case will enhance the look of your iPhone.

cloud 9 iphone phone cover


#4 Pineapples iPhone 6s Case

Pineapple is the ultimate symbol of happiness and high spirits and this iPhone case for perfect for the free birds. The natural colors and hand painted effect makes this phone case stand out.

pineapples iphone cover

#5 Berry Love iPhone 6s Case

Another refreshing fruity pattern which is a part of Cyahi’s fruit edition.

berry love iphone cover


About Cyahi Designer iPhone case & cover

The latest trend is to protect as well as decorate phones in transparent cases and covers. Cyahi believes in creating unique and chic iPhone’s case, so Cyahi’s signature prints are designed to let people express themselves. But they are not just about the looks as our phone cases are made of Polycarbonate Hard Surface for 100% protection against scratches, breakage, liquid and other damages. The glossy finish makes the phone look gorgeous and brand new and the scratch resistant print will last a lifetime.


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