Dining Table Design Ideas

13 Nov Top 5 Dining Table Design Ideas

When it comes to having people over, dining area is the most important part of every home. Every dining table should have a positive vibe that says, ‘come eat with us’. Do you agree? And not only for the guests, but even for families, dining table is one place that brings the everyone together every evening for supper. And that particular area should be nothing but warm and loving. If you are looking to give your dining area a makeover, then here are the Top 5 dining table design ideas for you.

1. Modern Art

Wreath - Art Frame

Any kind of art can instantly brighten up the wall and can bring the complete room’s decoration together. Hanging a large art piece on the wall right next to the dining table can be a great addition to the dining area. You may go for something bright like this Sunshine Art Frame or this Wreath Art piece which would also be a perfect choice for Christmas.

2. Lantern


A set of lanterns is a great addition over the dining table. Dim lights above the table emit homey and cozy vibes and can make the dining area look classy too. Go for either an antique set of lanterns or something modish.

3. Tropical Theme

Wall plates

Add a touch of flora and fauna to the dining area. It can be calming to be surrounded with a little bit of green after a long day. Aside from placing actual plants around the dining area, cover your walls with tropical wallpaper and place similar table mats and coasters on the table to compliment the theme. If you choose to go for regular white walls then try hanging tropical wall plates. They are fab and never get old.

4 Tablecloth


Keep switching dining table cloth so it doesn’t look boring and dull. Go for something that goes with the overall theme. Something in the shades of green and white is a lovely option for December and placing similar mugs and coasters on the table and canvases on the wall would make the set up look heavenly.

5 Attractive Centerpiece

Attractive Centerpiece

Every dining table needs a signature centerpiece. It could either be a flower vase, a bowl full of fruits or other things or a decoration piece. Choose your signature centerpiece and don’t be afraid to try something new to jazz up your dining table.

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