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29 Nov Tips To Plan a Perfect Picnic!

Winters in India are synonymous with picnics. The nip in the air reminds us of getting out of the city hustle and closer to nature (even if we are just going to the park in the city). There’s a picnic on our minds! Time to take some time off and destress the old school, time-tested way. So wondering how to plan the perfect picnic this year? Read along!


Give Some Thought to the Spot

Picnics are of different kinds. Are you going on a couple getaway? Or bringing the kids along to a family picnic? Everything plays into choosing the right spot. If the kids are coming along a public park with games and activities might be a good idea. For some me-time however, even a beautiful garden in the backyard is the deal.

Grab the Best Seats

Yes, by best seats we mean the nicest spot on your location – but also, we are talking about taking along a nice blanket to cover your seating and not having to sprawl on the open ground.

Take Along Your Entertainment

Entertainment is different for each one of us. If you are the sporty kind, you can take along your Frisbees, skipping ropes and racquets to make sure you don’t get bored. But taking along just a book to read under the sky is also good enough!

Never Run Out of Refreshments

Pack loads of Picnic friendly snack and drinks. Find out some recipes, here.

Pack A Picnic Basket!

Any Picnic is incomplete without the quintessential picnic basket! They instantly get you into the perfect picnic mood and at the same time are the best deals to carry all your picnic essentials. Wondering where to buy yours from? Choose from Cyahi’s wide range of picnic baskets for all kinds of picnic goers!

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