19 Jul Smartphones Vs Wrist Watches

With most of us using smartphones these days, you might think wrist watches or clocks are a little old fashioned, since checking your phone every 2 seconds makes you aware of the time anyway. But we think there’s no way watches would ever go out of style, else a certain brand wouldn’t have come up with the concept of making a tech gadget look like a watch.

A wrist watch is one of the classiest accessories you can own. It’s a fashion accessory and a utility device all in one. During a meeting, glancing subtly at your watch is much more sophisticated than fumbling with your smartphone, making it oh-so-obvious how bored you are.

Your phone probably will cost way more than your watch but there’s actually nothing that can really replace it, no matter how many cool gadgets come your way.

That’s also probably why when we launched watches as part of our collection, they just flew off our shelves and vanished from your inventory because of all the love you guys showed them. We tried a twist on the classic, minimalistic leather strap watch all of us have had at some point in time. A simple round dial, with bold yet classic design, stamped indices on the watch face and a leather strap.

Check out our collection of Men’s watch and stand out amidst a sea of smartphone addicted people.

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