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18 Feb Simple and Stylish Living Room Decoration Ideas

Home decor says a lot about people and their personalities. Starting from the favorite color to things that are important to them, all of it reflects the home owner’s persona. Thus, it is vital for our abode, especially the living room, to feel homely, fresh and exuberant. After all, it’s every family member’s favorite room.

If you are looking for ideas to change the look and feel of your living room without making any major alterations, then we have some great ideas for you. Whether the change is for a special occasion or merely to spice things up a little bit, adding these simple yet stylish items to the living area will instantly add a feeling of modernity.

Art Frame
Art Frames
In our opinion, walls are not supposed to be empty. While some people like to decorate their walls with an antique clock, others like to grace it with some form of art. Whether you love vintage paintings, landscape, pop art or abstract, whatsoever you have on the wall says a little bit about you. At Cyahi, you’ll find a variety of art frames that’ll effortlessly make your room look and feel peppy.

Pro Tip: Add a coffee table next to the art frames and go for something that matches the style of the art frame.

Wall Plates
Wall Plates

Wall plate decoration is the ‘new thing’ in the home decor world. It’s a modern and inexpensive way to glam up your living room instantly. Placing two to three wall plates will cover up the emptiness on the wall and also brighten up the room. In fact, you can cover the entire wall with decorative wall plates to create a focal point in your living room. You’ll find great wall plate designs on Cyahi’s website. Cyahi’s wall plates are inspired by Scandinavian designs and blend well in all types of home interior.

Cushion Covers
Cushion Covers
Have you ever considered enhancing your home decor with cushions?
Before tossing out your couch or re-painting your house, try adding a few bright cushions in your living room. And here’s an advice, do not go for cushions that match your couch – that would end up in a boring and dull feeling ambience. Add color and texture to the room by adding abstract and vivid shades of cushions instead. You can go for solids or consider unique and stylish patterns. To get a fair idea, check out Cyahi’s cushion designs. They are bold, striking and stunning.

Why leave a large windowless wall empty? It’s a perfect place to showcase an artwork of your choice. A large colourful and bright canvas painting will give your living room a rustic and old school look. If a single canvas is too basic for you, try decorating your wall with stylish three-canvas decor. Cyahi boasts unique and quality canvases that are ideal for family homes as well as single’s cribs. Check out Cyahi’s exceptional collection here.

Hope our ‘living room decor ideas’ were of help to you. Would you consider adding any of these items to your living room?

Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments below.


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