15 Jul Rocking a Chiffon Scarf

In a weather like this, it’s less about keeping it trendy and more about making a statement. The one accessory every woman needs in her day to day life is a Chiffon Scarf! It’s such a great piece to go classic or rock it in outlandish ways.
Someone righteously said every woman is special in her own way hence every woman has her fashion of wearing a scarf.

We here will tell you some amazing ways in which a scarf can be styled.

  1. As a Bracelet

    Just roll it up ladies, in the most comfortable bangle you ever wore!

  2. As a Necktie!

    Channel your inner Parisienne by tying a simple knot and letting the ends hang out in front or to the side, whichever you prefer.

  3. A Hair accessory

    Love the casual good to go look with a messy bun? Try out with a scarf, even if you have to use a rubber band to anchor your bun. A scarf would add a very delicate elegance to your look. Having a bad hair day? Or just too lazy to wash that hair? No need to look like a dry-shampoo-drenched nightmare, wrap all your hair in and use it as a bandana.

  4. As an accessory to your accessory

    Just style it with your purse and let it fall out a little. Classier than anything adding an appeal to your overall outfit.
    Moreover, to rock that work week blazer style it as a pocket square and voila… nothing like hitting a dull day with a hint of colour.

Now that you came across all the ways to rock a scarf sift through our latest range of Chiffon Scarves.

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