Why should staring at walls be a boring task? Why can’t walls around us be statements of our identities? And why, oh why, do we need to burn a hole in our pockets to redecorate?


So here are some simple, creative and thrifty ideas to redo your room in to your artistic pad.

1. Origami Me Wall
You don’t even need to be an expert at origami for recreating magic. Just some colourful paper, a few folds and a double-sided tape; VIOLA! Your artwork is ready.


Oleander and Palm


How About Orange

2. Beachy Memories
Vacation maybe over but that doesn’t mean you have to move on. Recreate the experience of those sunsets at the beach by using shells to make some stunning frames.


Sand and Sisal

3. The Geometric Treatment
What do you do when all you have in a cardboard and some paint? Create an eccentric art-piece, of course! Follow these simple steps to create this beautifully decorated wall.


My Sister’s Suitcase 

4. Put A String On It!

Use items lying around the house to create this masterpiece. And the ideas are endless. Anything that has a closed shape can be made into the subject of this wall art. So go ahead, go crazy!


Green Wedding Shoes 

5. Wood’s Picasso
Want to add a dash of colour to those drab boring white walls? Again grab some paint and wood and you are set to paint the world bright. Ombré, monochrome or colour blast: whatever your taste maybe, this is sure to give your room a vibrant change


Spark Living

6. Dinner On the Wall
Who said plates are meant for just eating? Simply use a strong double-sided tape to make display items from your beautiful plates and coasters. Don’t play by the rules, the setting can be random and that will make the look even catchier.


Cyahi Design Co.

7. Beautiful Art Works
Art works don’t have to cost a fortune. At the same time, you don’t have to settle for silly paper posters. Canvas art prints add a dash of drama and elegance. Choose chic art prints that go with the theme of your room and accentuate your décor.


Cyahi Design Co.

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