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21 Dec Quick Tip to Bright up Your Home – Table Lamps!

Needs an instant, economical idea to give your home space an edge? Here are the few quick tips on the bright up your home with Table Lamps.

Table lamps are a simple and easy way to add a bit of drama to your space. Add a little personal touch with experimenting with decorative table lamps, and transform your living space without going overboard and just making a little space for a cute little piece.

Whether it is the bedroom, study or drawing room – table lamp for home decoration can be efficiently used to get a theme going. Better still, it also serves the purpose of lighting up the home! A practical, useful and aesthetic piece of decor to buy, if you are tired of over dramatic pieces that are hard to maintain and are too distracting.

Table Lamps for the Bedroom

Waking up to a bright bedroom can keep you cheerful throughout the day. A bright tropical print lamp on the bedside table can just do the trick. Get your hands on decorative table lamps to match your walls or just go color blocking with a few bright pieces.
Bedroom Table Lamp

Table Lamps for the Study

The study is the area where the table lamp naturally belongs. Solve your lighting needs with a decorative table lamp and keep always having a bright atmosphere when you’re working late. The retro style Jig Saw Table Lamp goes perfectly here, with its subtle charm.
Jig saw Table lamp

Table Lamps for the Living Area

Get a modern simplistic look going by adding a simple table lamp to the coffee table. It is perfect if you want the modern minimalist theme for your space.
Table Lamp for Living Room

Check out Cyahi’s full range of designer table lamps here.

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