Canvas fabric has been around for a long time and it’s used to create a variety of everyday items, mostly fashion related. Canvas material is known for its sturdiness and durability which is why it’s one of the best fabrics for handbags. Backpacks and tote bags are common fashion products made from canvas material but its use isn’t limited to tote bags anymore as various other types of canvas bags are much in demand in the recent years.

Canvas Bag Trend
There are numerous reasons why more and more women are falling in love with canvas and linen bags these days, one of the biggest being that they are lighter than bags made from other material. Another huge reason women are opting for natural fabric bags over others is that they are eco-friendly hence they are safe for the environment.

What’s IN This Year!
Every season welcomes a new trend and that’s what keeps things exciting in the fashion world for us ladies. So what’s in in the handbags department this season? Well a lot, and they are all chic! Here are 5 handbag styles that you’ll be seeing a lot this year.

1. Foldover Clutches: Foldover purse is the latest thing in the handbag world this year. They are fashionable and have a very modern vibe. Foldover clutches are perfect for people who don’t like to carry a lot of stuff and large bags. They are ideal for daytime outings and lunch parties. Check out Cyahi’s tasteful foldover purse collection.

Foldover Clutches

2. Wristlets: You can’t go wrong with wristlets – it’s the ‘new’ casual clutch. This small purse is perfect for carrying essential items such as money, cellphone and lipstick when stepping out. Unlike large bags and clutches, there’s no need to hold on to a wristlet at all times as it tantalizingly stays around the wrist.

Designer Women Clutches

3. Totes: Canvas totes are durable and a woman’s best friend during summer season and thanks to stylish designs, use of tote bags is not limited to outings and vacations anymore. If you’ve got your hands on the right type of tote bag, it can act as the perfect accessory to enhance your everyday look. Check out Cyahi’s fashionable tote collection.

Totes Bags

4. Pouches: Classic and simple pouch bags have become one of the most sought-after handbags this season. A simple pouch bag paired with everyday attire can be a huge game changer. Check out our latest collection here.


5. Crossbody Bags: Behold! Crossbody bags are still in fashion and you’ll see many versions of sling bags this year. Cyahi still has some amazing designs left for you. Check out the Crossbody Bags.

Crossbody Bag

Cyahi’s New Trendy Collection on Handbags.
Whether you are looking for formal handbags, travel dufflebags, passport holder or a style statement bag, Cyahi is your one-stop shop for all kinds of purse. Our collection consists of the most quintessential bags for women such as totes, clutches, foldover bags, pouches and more. All of Cyahi’s bags are made of natural fabrics like canvas and linen which makes the product durable and also easy to maintain. Check out Cyahi’s full handbag collection here.

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