09 May New Collection: CYAHI Luxury watches for women

Redefining luxury

We believe that luxury timepiece should be exclusive and shouldn’t be mass produced. CYAHI represents a new way to buy luxury watches that has a series of watches which vary in complexity and style. At Cyahi we are in a constant endeavour to redefine luxury.  Luxury is no longer out of reach with absurd pricing for simple products, and unnecessary labels. We are striving to bring exceptional workmanship in an unbelievable price range.

Luxury watches enhances the aesthetics of a woman in a very subtle manner. Unlike ornaments doused in diamonds and other precious stones which crave for attention, watches, in a very subtle and an elegant manner display luxury.

Keeping all of this in mind, CYAHI designers have come up with contemporary designs to carry on the same job in a very out of the box manner. CYAHI proudly announces a new watch collection, an addition to its range of products. The watches are designed, keeping in mind the young self reliant women out there who are determined to live and cherish every second. Our designers have managed to capture the minute details from the familiar things which you enjoy and presented it on the watch to keep reminding you of those moments.

Some of these inspired moments as portrayed by the designers on the luxury watches are:

The Butterfly

Inspired by the aesthetics of a graceful butterfly, this luxury watch is designed to remind you of dance of a butterfly in spring season around fully blossomed flowers.

The Diamond Ore

Inspired by the richness and the fusion of ingredients in a chocolate cheesecake, this luxury watch is designed to remind you of the moment of enjoying a freshly baked chocolate cheesecake in a small yet ultra rich bakery.

The Eclipse

This luxury watch is inspired by one of the most beautiful and intriguing natural phenomena created by God, the Eclipse and hence the name The Eclipse. The designers skilfully have replicated the phenomena on a watch.

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Sift through our brand new collection of luxury watches and pick your favourite moment on the luxury watches. We at CYAHI regularly update our designs so as to keep up with the trend and cover all the essential designs that you need and aspire for. Every season welcomes a new trend and that’s what keeps things exciting in the fashion world for ladies.

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