Journey to bhutan

05 Apr Journey to the Land of Druk Yul (Bhutan)

The Kingdom of Bhutan a peace-loving country with the happiest population in the whole world, where people think that gross happiness index is more important than the gross domestic product. The landlocked country between India, China and Tibet with Himalayan foothills covering all his terrain should be high on everyone’s bucket list. Journey to Bhutan the land of thunder dragon and Buddha teachings gives you an experience and memories you will never forget.

The First transition that I went through when the car entered Bhutan from a gate in India-Bhutan border. When you look back towards the Indian side, all you see and hear is chaos, unfinished building, loads of people and horns. Whereas on the Bhutan side you can feel the peace of the Himalayas, no chaos, a uniform architecture, fewer people and even no horns (banned in Bhutan).

Things to eat

If you like beef and pork Bhutan can turn out to be a right spot for you. But for me as a vegetarian, one of the highlights of the trip was a dish called Datshi, which is available to all the restaurants you visit in Bhutan or even at the home stays.

ema datshi

Chillies are considered as the vegetable in Bhutanese society they are addicted to the Ema(chilli) Datshi (cheese), it basically a stew with cheese as a base for sauce and Chilli as the main ingredient.

bhutanese cuisine

There are so many more alternatives to datshi by just changing the one ingredient mushroom datshi, potato datshi which is accompanied by white plain rice. Then there are so many good cafés in Thimphu and Paro, one must try on his visit and don’t forget to try Bhutanese alcohol.

Places to visit in Bhutan

Visit Phuentsholing first town in Bhutan on India-Bhutan border, Thimphu the capital city, Punakha old capital and Paro. If you really want to experience the Himalayan foothills and adventure, then Bumthang and Haa valleys are for you. There is some nightlife to but only in Thimphu and Paro, which offers you some decent nightclubs and karaoke places.


Then take the holy trek of Taktsang Monastery commonly known as the Tiger’s nest, visit all the Dzongs (Forts) around you, especially Punakha Dzong and do visit the Buddha point or as called by locals, “Buddha Dordenma” in Thimphu sitting on a hilltop. Talk to locals and visit the places where locals like to hang chhu river punak

do chula pass

Best time to visit

Bhutan is a twelvemonth location best to visit with families for a leisure time. Though springtime can be the perfect time to visit, I guess Bhutan should resemble Japan during spring times. On this trip, I have seen it all from valleys to mountains from sunshine to snow. This sums up my journey in Bhutan “Om Mani Padme Hum”.

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