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06 Nov Is Vanity Bags Any Good? 5 Ways You Can Be Certain

Wondering if you really need a vanity bag?

A lot of us have always thought that our good old purses are good enough to carry all our essentials.

Maybe you just need a few good reasons to get yourself to say a “Yes” to the pretty little things that are vanity bags! Here, let us tell you if vanity bags are an essential and 5 ways they come in handy.

You Need A Bag of Tricks When You Are Running Late?
One way you can be certain you need a vanity bag is when you have way too many cosmetics, all over the place, desperately in need of one organized space that only vanity bags are perfect for!

You Travel a Lot and Need a Bag of Essentials?
You certainly need a well-organized, space saving little bag to tuck into your carry all if you have the travel bug in you!

Maybe, a Purposeful Bag that Double Up As a Cute Clutch?
If you are always ready for long hours of partying, you definitely need a handy vanity bag.

Your Main Purse is too Full or Just Too Expensive to Stuff!
If you have spent way too much on your expensive purse to stuff them with all your make up, you really need a vanity bag.

Just Cause They Are All the Rage!
Because we just can’t get enough of the cute little bags that come in all shapes and colors!

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