01 Jul Iced Tea Cocktails

Nothing spells more refreshing in the summer than a cool drink of Iced Tea. And, the best way go about is by having it spiked. They are the perfect cocktails for those summer afternoon brunches and even for those evening parties. They are refreshingly loaded with fruits and herbs and have the perfect kick to complement the mellow teas. So start mixing ‘em up with a few of our favorites!

Sweet Tea Vodka Slushies – the perfect recipe to beat the heat is this slushy cocktail with lemon, vodka and homemade tea. Easy and chill!


Full Recipe at –  Charming Detroiter

Spiked Raspberry Sweet Tea –  We’d say, nothing goes better with tea than vodka and this cocktail recipe just packs the extra punch of fruitiness with lush raspberries!


Full Recipe at – The Cookie Rookie

Iced Green Tea Mojitos – Who said green tea is all health and no fun? Mix it up with white rum by following this recipe for a tall drink of Iced Green Tea Mojito!


Full Recipe at – Kirbie Cravings

Berry-licious Iced Tea Red Sangria – Sangrias are an all time favorite. This fruity and fun sangria + tea cocktail are perfect for a classy afternoon out with the girlfriends.


Full Recipe at – Culinary Hill

Bourbon Peach Tea – Peaches and Tea are a match made in heaven. Adding bourbon to the concoction is pure genius.


Full Recipe at  – Restless Chipotle

Southern Spiked Peach Iced Tea – A twist in a classic cocktail recipe makes for the perfect summer thirst quencher.


Full Recipe at – Real HouseMoms


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