Hygee Viral Concept

18 Jan Hygge and why the concept is going viral!

Lifestyle trends come and go, but here’s a trend that we are totally on board with – Hygge!

Pronounced as “hoo-ga”, the Danish concept of cozy living is going viral with the hashtag #hygge gathering millions of post celebrating the trend. And it is being predicted as the biggest trend in 2017.

So, what exactly is Hygge?

Hygge is a traditional Scandinavian concept of simple-living. It is more of a mood inspired by simple joys of any given moment in the highly technology dominated world today Hygge is a simple method that is teaching us to enhance happiness through simplicity, warmth and cozy feelings.

Winters really make hygee

Winters really make Hygge so much more better – sitting by the fireplace, in your cozy socks sipping hot coffee with friends or simply cuddling inside a blanket with your favourite book.

And, really who wouldn’t love this?

Here’s how you can start implementing Hygge in you home with little tips from Cyahi –

Start with adding simple dining essentials to your home that sparks a Scandinavian atmosphere. For a Hygge gathering with your friends make sure there is Coffee served in a delicate China mugs. Pistachio Love – Porcelain Mug makes for a perfect choice.

Add cozy textures to your interiors and subtle cushion covers like River Song – Cushion Covers that puts soft colors to a predominantly white color scheme and is great to cuddle into!

Remember simplicity is the key to Hygge and don’t go overboard. Once your space is done it should give off a feeling of joy!

Happy Hygge-ing folks!

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