The buzzword in fashion of late has been crop tops. Absolutely everybody who is simply anybody is seen in these. Now whether it really suits them or not is a different matter altogether.

In theory, crop tops are meant to be an easy, comfortable and a sexy mode of dressing.  But in reality, there are a thousand ways one can go wrong. Whether you are skinny or curvy, there isn’t a panacea of crop top fashion. It can all go very, very wrong.


But don’t be scared! Here are a few simple and easy to rules of how to effortlessly pull off a crop top, no matter your body shape, every single time.

1. Length: The One Thing You Just Can’t Ignore
You will find all lengths of crop tops out there and just impulsively buying one because it looks good on the model is the worst idea ever.  Remember a crop top is meant to accentuate your midriff. So a perfect top should ideally be long enough to hit your natural waist curve. Anything longer isn’t really a crop top. You could go shorter, but the key is to feel confident (more on that later).


2. The Thin Line Between Classy & Trashy (It’s your midriff)
It’s very tempting to fall prey to shorter, cuter crop tops. But remember that it can very easily translate to an overexposed look. If you plan to wear one with your favourite low waist jeans or skits, make sure the top covers your bellybutton. And if you simply love a short crop top, then pair it with a high-waist bottom to give you a more sleeker, proportioned look.


3. Proportions, Proportions, Proportions

Let’s get to which crop top looks best on you. If you’re petite then go for crop tops that have a structure and volume and pair them with pencil skirts or cigarette pants or skinny jeans.


If you have a curvier figure, go with sleeker, streamlined tops and pair them up with flowing skirts and wide-legged pants. The idea here is to know what gives your figure a more flattering silhouette.


4. Are You Comfortable, Sweetie?

You HAVE to love what you’re wearing. And for that you have to be comfortable wearing it. Your clothes are your second skin. So if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a regular crop top, start with longer ones and gradually reduce the length till you feel better poised wearing any style.
If you still feel intimidated, the next tip is for you.

5. Layers ‘Em Up
You’ve tried it all and still feel awkward in a crop top. Fret not! Here comes help. Add a layer of sheer kaftan over the crop top to give a more covered up look. Or you could wear a jacket on top to cover the sides and give a less exposed look. Or.. and this is great even for winters, wear a longer top inside your crop top. It sounds quirky, but believe us, it looks great!


There are absolutely no constraints on what you team can go with the fashion of crop tops. But the key remains: Be Confident!

6. Accessorise

Make your crop top your own by adding a dash of your favourite jewellery. A statement necklace or a pair of chunky earrings can add character to any regular crop top. You could try bracelets and cuffs with long sleeved tops. Sling bags are a great accessory to crop tops as they create and illusion of sleekness and height.


7. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Play to your assets: If you have toned arms, choose sleeveless tops. If you have those amazing abs (you go girl!) opt for shorter and body hugging tops. And if you have a bigger bust, (I am jealous of you already) try crop tops that are bustier-like instead of loose tops.

See, that wasn’t that hard, was it? Remember, crop tops are easy and sexy at the same time. You should experiment with colours, patterns, fall and fit. But with simple rules, it’s really impossible to go wrong. So get ready now and smile for the cameras!

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