Are you planning for a movie night? We all know how expensive a night out to the theaters can get. Ticket, popcorn and extras, can all add up to a little fortune. Instead if you have a group of friends, who love geeking out on movies – a movie night at home can be the perfect alternative. It’s fun, cozy, and a lot easier on the pockets. Here are a few tips from us on how you can get it started!

Schedule Your Time – Fix the time and check with your pals.

Plan Your Setup – for a few close friends and an extended slumber party, even your laptop can work. However if you have a good number of people, test out your equipment beforehand and plan the seating arrangement with good viewing for everyone. Keep it cozy with blankets, floor mats to stretch on, recliners and cushions. If you are planning outdoors, go for a projector!

Choose The Right Movie – Shortlist a few options based on who you are inviting. For instance, a good old classic chick flick could be chosen if it’s an all girls night. Have a few backups ready just in case.

Keep Your Outfit Comfy – You are the host and you have to look good. But, at the same time you’d like to be lounging and enjoying the movie as well. So, choose comfortable and loose clothes, like cotton pants or a pair of good ol’ lounge pants.

Bring out the Snacks – Of course, popcorn is customary but a few other options should be great as well. Bags of Nachos and chips are the easiest to stock up on and don’t forget the cola! If you are a whiz at the kitchen, pakoras wouldn’t be too bad either right?

Theme it! – Feeling a little more adventurous? Or maybe there’s an occasion you are throwing the party for? Themes are a great way crank the fun up a notch.

Decor and Tableware – Make sure your home looks great for those movie night selfies to come out perfect. And, tableware because you’ll need to serve a lot of snack afterall.

Set Aside Some Mingling Time – The most important is to mingle a little at the end and talk about the film you just saw. So make sure to keep the conversation going, bring out the drink refills and just have a great time!

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