01 Dec Gold Prints: An Allure of Magnificence

For millennia, gold has been revered and seen as a sign of beauty and affluence. All great civilizations of the world, across times, have depicted beauty and wealth on their regions with gold.


Ancient Egyptians adorned the tombs of kings with golden inlays; nobility in Rome used gold as jewellery; in India gold is still a symbol of elegance and prosperity.


It is only natural that when the colour of gold depicts such exquisiteness and charm, that we adorn our homes and most precious spaces with it. Keeping that in mind, we at Cyahi decided to introduce Golden Art Prints to our collection of Home Décor.

With themes inspired by Paris and all things French, Cyahi Gold Prints are ideal to accentuate the appeal of a corner of your room, a desktop accessory or simple to add allure to a dull wall. Each of the design is made on a colour pallet that increases the grandeur of gold printing.


Each Cyahi Gold Print is made on cardstock paper to make sure the finish is smoother and paper retains the colours and artwork always. The intricate designs in gold printing are so fine and crisp that you will never find any smudging or mixing of patterns. Each Cyahi Gold Print is hand painted by craftsmen who are passionate about ensuring that only the best quality is delivered to you.

So go ahead and explore our selection of Cyahi Gold Prints and choose from the beautiful range of prints to add glamour and splendour to your homes and in your lives. Shine on!



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