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02 May GIFT YOUR GIRLFRIEND: One stop destination for Guys

Is your girlfriend’s birthday coming up? Or is it your anniversary? Did you upset her? The solution to all these questions is a GIFT. Look no more, we got a list of products that will be perfect to gift your girlfriend.

Now, we know a material gift or a greeting card isn’t something that would just melt your girl’s heart. It has to be something personal and something that would speak out for you. Those days have long gone when you could just enter a gift shop and buy the next immaterial show piece thing with shiny and tacky heart shaped glittering images. So cheesy, right?

Worry not all the puzzled guys out there, we got you covered. At CYAHI, we got a variety of products that are not only useful but will really impress your loved ones. Here is the list of products that you can gift your girlfriend, in order to become her “Knight in Shining Armour”.

iPhone Cases & Covers

Transparent phone cases are in trend nowadays and CYAHI is one of the firsts to introduce the designed transparent iPhone cases in India.

These are transparent, flexible and durable. Unlike you Mister.

iPhone Cases & Covers


Clutches and Tote Handbags

CYAHI’s hand sewn designer tote handbags are created with a perfect blend of silk and vegan leather. These bags will be an ultimate carry-all. Be it a weekday or a weekend, these bags will become every girl’s “just-what-I-need” accessory in no time.

These clutches and handbags are a life saver for all the guys. Why so? These are so adorable and stylish that you don’t have to worry about carrying them in public places, because your lady will never let go of it. Now that’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.

Tote Handbags


Women Clutches

Executive Bags

Messed up really bad? Gift your girlfriend this and surely you will have a chance at redemption.

Executive bag is an essential item for business women. Why carry a laptop/office bag and a handbag too, when you can carry one single bag that can accommodate all your daily requisites? Our vegan leather executive bags are spacious and can carry up to 15” laptop along with other important items like folders, files, wallet etc.

Executive bags



These trendy and extremely comfortable chiffon scarves will be perfect to gift your girlfriend as it will always remain close to them. Don’t be jealous dude.

Cyahi Scarves


There are many other ways to win a girl’s heart, but naturally they all require a lot of hard work. Thankfully, all you guys need to do is to click and buy some products from one place. Who says life’s tough? You just gotta look for ways to make it simpler.

Check out our other products and do share your ‘gift your girlfriend’ experience on our CYAHI My Story page.

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