Changing your diapers, tying your shoe laces, carrying your school bag and water bottle, helping you with math homework, teaching you how to ride a bicycle and when you get older, teaching you how to drive a car are among so many other things which nobody else can teach except for a father himself.

These are the very few things which a father and his child share over a period of time which, for you, passes with a snap of fingers, but for him these moments live as the most cherished memories.

In this endeavour of being a father and being present for you at every step you take, he concealed so many hardships, sacrifices and pains with that wrinkling old grin and thick moustache in order to shield you from any sort of pain and shower with every ounce of love he has in him. For me, this is a true definition of a superhero. Or may I say an unsung superhero? A father is a person who lets you experiment with life, but also pulls you up when you fall. He is a person who gets all proud and happy even on your smallest achievements. He is a person who has answers to all your questions, they might not be what you looking for, but whether right or not, they always have an answer. The pillar in your life, holding you and helping you stand every single day. That is why your father is the person who you still look up to even though you have outgrown him.

This Father’s Day lets appreciate their existence and the impactful role they have played in our lives. A father always passes on his wrist watch as a symbol of charm, trust and legacy. Maybe this time you can on be the giving side. No better gift than a wrist watch can be best suited for this Father’s Day. CYAHI is all upbeat about Father’s Day and we want to help you appreciate your father by offering 15% discount on all CYAHI products. Look and browse through our website to find your Father’s Day Gift.

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Happy Father’s Day!!

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