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02 Feb Essential Tea Accessories to Make Your Tea Experience Better

Tea is one of the most demanded beverages in the world. It’s without a doubt one of the best remedies for common health problems such as a headache, the flu, fatigue etc. Additionally, a single cup of tea can perk up one’s mood in a jiffy.

Tea lovers try a lot of different things and spend a lot of money on making good tea, but what’s the secret to making good tea really? Nothing! All you need to make a good tea is some hot water, some good quality tea leaves, a nice sturdy kettle and a pretty looking cup. It’s that simple! And when you have special people coming over, you surely need gorgeous tea accessories and glassware to serve the tea in.

Here are 6 essential tea accessories to make your tea experience better:

#1. Glass Tea Pot with a Brew Basket

The worst part about making tea using loose leaves is having to strain it afterward. With a tea pot that has a brew basket the job becomes easier and you get to drink delightful morning tea without wasting any precious minutes. Just add a spoonful of loose tea leaves in the brew basket and add hot water into the teapot. Let it brew for a minute! And voila! Your guests have freshly brewed tea.

#2 Attractive Tea Jar

Of course, when you have guests coming over, it’s completely wrong to display your beautiful tea leaves in an unappealing container. Am I right? Instead, display your rich tea in a modern jar such as this cork lid jar by Cyahi.

#3 Glass Kettle with a Steeper

Another invaluable item that every tea lover needs to own is a tea pot with a steeper. This transparent tea pot by Cyahi will grace your high tea and will most certainly give everyone something to talk about.

#4 Transparent Glassware

Transparent glassware is very in at this moment and there are variety of options out there that you can add to your own tea table. This round cup, for example, is perfect for hot as well as cold beverages. The thick bottom and sides make it easy to hold even when drinking a hot cup of tea and the transparent layer displays colors of your tea beautifully.

#5 Vintage Tea Pot

Tea has been consumed by humans for thousands of years, and there’s no best way to serve it than in a royal vintage tea pot such as this one. Around transparent tea pot with a brew basket will not only make your tea taste delicious but also look grand.

You check a few more tea accessories here.

Did we miss something? What are your favourite tea accessories?

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