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19 Oct 5 Ideas for Upgrade Home Interior Decor on this Diwali

Diwali season is when most people upgrade and make room for new things in the Home Interior Decoration. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, they all need a little bit of upgrade before the most awaited Indian festival.

Decluttering can be time consuming and more than that, confusing as it gets too difficult to figure out what should go and what can stay. But it needs to be done, especially if you want to add a nice festive and fresh vibe to your home decor. If you are looking to make a few aesthetic improvements in your home Decor for Diwali, then it’s still not too late.

Here are 5 quick ideas for Upgrade Home Interior decor on Diwali


1| Art Frame

Nothing beats brightening up a plain wall with a substantial wall art frame. Pick something that’s unique, vibrant and goes with the special occasion. Anything with flowers would go wonderfully with a little Diya’s or tea light candles under it on a wall shelf/table. Here’s an example of something that would look great in the living or entrance area. You can check out the rest of Cyahi’s Art Frame collection.

art frame

2| Wall Plates

A pair of elegant wall plates would not only add a festive vibe to your home, but also get the guests talking. After all, wall plate interior is trending at the moment. Cyahi offers a variety of designs most of which come in white to add a Nordic touch to your home design. The wall plates come with a sturdy hook on the back to easily fix on the wall. Hook two plates on the wall with a large diya on the table below and your room decoration is complete.

wall plates

3| Cushion Covers

If you don’t have the time to buy a new cover for your couch, just buy new covers for the cushions. Cyahi’s dupioni silk cushion covers with graceful designs will add presence to your living room effortless. Two cushions on the main couch and one each for the small ones would elevate the look of the room instantly.

cushion covers

4| Table Mats

It’s Diwali season, which means impromptu dinners and lunch get together are inevitable. Get prepared for the festive season with artistic table mats to beautify your dining area. My favorite is this pink and white table mat designed with intricate motifs which adds a feeling of celebration in the ambience.



5| Canvases Art Painting

If you are not a fan of Art Frames, then you should give creative canvas a chance. A set of three canvases on the same wall will make your room look larger and unique. A string of rice lights on the corners of the canvases will complete your Diwali decoration. You can check out Cyahi’s canvas collection.

Wall Mount Canvas

Hope you enjoyed these simple ideas to decorate your home interior for this Diwali. Got some ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments below. Have a happy and safe Diwali.

5 Ideas for Upgrade Home Interior Decor on this Diwali
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5 Ideas for Upgrade Home Interior Decor on this Diwali
If you are looking to make a few aesthetic improvements in your home decor before Diwali, Here are 5 ideas for home interior decor on this Diwali Festival
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