14 Jul Daytime and Evening Floral Pattern Silk Clutches


There are a few reasons not to carry a clutch purse but trust me, there are a lot more reason to carry one. And when you add stylish floral patterns to the equation, it can be pretty hard to resist owning one. Yes, us girls like carrying big handbags to fit a bunch of things we think we might need, but a clutch purse seems reasonable and more practical when you want to feel free and get some of that unnecessary burden off your shoulders, especially when on a date or casual get together.

About Cyahi Floral Pattern Silk Clutch:

Clutches have been around for decades and lucky for us, there are even more designs and stylesavailable now. Moreover, it’s not a fashion taboo to carry a clutch purse in the daytime anymore. If you love this fashion staple, then our collection of silk floral patterns will definitely win you over. Our selection of trendy clutch is made of Dupioni Silk fabric on the outside with Gold Metal Frame and an inner lining of rich black satin finish.Our 10’ by 6’ silk clutch is perfect to store all your essentials like money, card holder, lipstick and cell phone, and perfect for all occasion and outfit. Our glamorous clutches are created with utmost precision and care. The clutch is designed with a clasp and drop-in metallic chain to easily strap on when needed.

Here are a few styling tips and ideas on how to carry a clutch purse:

1| Strap It: One thing that I really love about carrying a clutch is that they are ultra carefree and unfussy. I prefer opting for clutches with optional shoulder strap, so I have the freedom of strapping it on my shoulder whenever I wish to.

2| Bright Prints: If you plan on wearing a relatively simpler or monochromatic outfit, carry a bright pattern clutch to spruce up your look without doing too much.

3| Clutch It: There are a couple different ways to carry a clutch bag. You can clutch it tightly with both hands, hence the name. You could clasp it from the bottom with one hand or from the top and even pop it under your arm when you want your hands free.

Here are some of our best selling floral pattern clutch bags:

1| Rose Veil – Clutch

Whether it’s a party you are going to or a movie date, this pretty pink clutch will add that ‘oomph’ factor to your overall look.

Rose_Veil clutch

2| Rose Desert – Clutch

You can’t not fall in love with this royal flower pattern. Both color and the design are married in order to add a touch of richness and elegance to the look.


3| Lone Mynah – Clutch

Nothing says ‘love’ like the color red. Carry this sophisticated Yellow clutch purse with a chic dress or salwarkurta- and you are good to go.

lone mynah- clutch

Hope our collection and tips helped you see how practical clutch purses can be, especially when they are this pretty.

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