Stuff We Love: Wall Plates by Cyahi Design Co.

I love wall plates. And these wall plates by the Cyahi Design company are so so good. Earlier this month I wrote on instagram about how I could do with a few wall plates in my life and look who were all ears. Thank you Cyahi for sending this over. It’s making me leaf and jump with delight. Cannot not squeeze in a pun at every given opportunity.

Cyahi Wall Plates trumatter

I’ve wanted to hang my collection of plates for a long time now but unfortunately plate hangers are not as readily available here in India as it is abroad. The one that were available were either too expensive or the DIY techniques failed miserably. Massive, massive disappointment and over years if you ask me! And ofcourse, an utter shame to stash away all those lovely plates in a shelf. Thanks to Cyahi that we will not have to anymore. And I think I have finally found out the best way to hang wall plates. Finally!

Oh, if you don’t know about Cyahi, you need to check them out

I think my love affair with Cyahi started with a couple of plates. Hah! See, I told you I am a hoarder. I was weighing the odds of whether to buy the plates or not when Cyahi told me that they’d send me one to check out. And trust me, I have NOT BEEN DISAPPOINTED since. The prints are not painted on top, they are fired. Which means they will stay forever and I love their range of quirky designs that are modern, fun and yet classy. I get all my quarter plates from Cyahi. Period.

And now, they’ve introduced pretty wall plates which comes with pre-attached hooks so you can hang it wherever you want without bothering with the process. Clap clap and clap. And I love their entire wall plates range. From chic and shabby to simple and nordic; from retro and vintage to modern and jungalistic. Cyahi has a fair collection of wall plates that you can take home. As for me, I am all bananas for the Bismarkia and the Zamia prints. This year I wanted to get in some boho beach vibe to this tiny space I call home and these do the job perfectly!

trumatter Colloboration

The ones on the right are by Cyahi while the ones on left are vintage. Mum in law passed them onto me. They are Hitkari plates, made in India. To be honest, these plates were in a terrible form. Stuck in velvet and layers of cork- this was a ghost of a decor element from the 80’s. I had to rip the velvet apart and free them before I could hang them. Seriously guys, more is less. If you do too much to a thing, you are only taking away its beauty. Dont!

Confession: This is also where I took the wall plate hanging inspiration from Cyahi. Cyahi, thank you. Double hi5.

trumatter Cyahi Wall plates

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