contries can visit without visa

24 Sep Countries you can visit without a visa

All work and no play making you fidgety already? Can’t wait to hit the road again? Here is a list of countries that should be on your radar then!

If you are one of those who like to pack your bags on a whim and set off on an impromptu travel destination- the countries where Indians can travel without the prior hassle of applying for a visa should sound perfect to you.

Visa planning can actually be the most stressful part of your travel plan. However, there are some countries where you can travel without a visa or get a visa on arrival. So, all you need is your passport and a ticket to fly off to these beautiful must-visit destinations for an amazing holiday.

Are you ready to give the endless wait and paperwork a miss, and explore beyond the borders?

1. Bhutan


The neighbour country is the perfect destination in the hills for a quick getaway. And, its hospitable culture and beautiful temples are something you cannot afford to miss.

2. Maldives


If clear blue waters and pristine white sands are on your mind, head straight to Maldives where there is no-prior visa required.



Say Sawadee Ka to the land of Siam, with its mesmerising culture, amazing food, nightlife, and beaches. Thailand offers a 15-day visa on arrival to Indian tourists.

4. Macau


Shop till you drop at the suave and luxurious shopper’s paradise – Macau! And experience the feel of Venice without having to leave Asia!

5. Indonesia


Photo by @lanihockley

Let the endless beaches and the lush green landscapes of Bali enchant you on an impromptu trip to Indonesia. Get your visa when you get land.


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