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04 Oct Chai-The Versatile Beverage

Is chai your choice of potion too? Tea originated in China and travelled through the breath of East Asia before reaching our beautiful country where we lovingly added our spices to it and the fragrant concoction came to be known as the “masala chai” as we know it today!

It is the beauty of this versatile beverage that has brought so many countries together. The “cha” in China, the Turkish “çay”, or our very own desi version “chai” – it is mesmerizing no matter what language we speak, we are all brought together over a piping cup of tea!

But, is that all to the versatility of chai? Certainly not! Chai’s versatility is also very apparent in the various forms and ways chai is consumed. Whether it is in the form of refreshing hot pulled tea, or in its sophisticated avatar of chai latte – chai is a winner each time around! It’s as good as a cool refresher in summer as it is on a cold winter’s day! Let’s take a look at some impressive ways chai can be consumed, which proves that it is indeed the most versatile beverage that ever has been!

The Urban Style – Bubble Tea

The Urban Style - Bubble Tea

Read full Recipe, here

Frozen Delights – Chai Popsicles

Frozen Delights - Chai Popsicles

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The Best of Pulled Chai – The Malaysian Teh Tarik

best of pulled chai the malaysian teh tarik

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The New Kid On The Block  – Chai Latte

The New Kid On The Block - Chai Latte

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Everybody’s Favorite – Classic Masala Chai

Everybody’s Favorite - Classic Masala Chai

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How do you like to have your tea? We like it simple, spiced and  delivered to our office!


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