Mother's Day

11 May Mother’s Day Celebration: 15% off on all CYAHI products

What does mother’s day mean to you?

A day specially dedicated to your mother, where you to tell your mother just how much you appreciate, admire and adore her. While you are ought to treat her special everyday, Mother’s Day is the one day of the year where you go above and beyond to show just how compassionate you are for her.

Mother’s Day isn’t celebrated for the sake of posting pictures and wishes on social media. Instead it is the day to recognize a mother’s sacrifice and constant love and care. Throughout the year the only thing that keeps buzzing in the back of her head is YOU. Whether you have eaten, reached college or wore a sweater. Even when you are a fully grown adult, “capable of making your own decisions”, that constant worry doesn’t fade away. Not a bit.

With Mother’s Day, it is time to revert back and present her with the grandest of gestures and gifts. Let her know that she means the world to you. Reciprocate the same love and care that she showers on you daily despite your tantrums and moods.

Mother’s Day should be simply all about her. Think of what brings a smile to her face and shower her with whatever that may be. Wake up early and cook her favourite meal for breakfast before she even has the chance to roll out of bed. Present her breakfast on her bed accompanied with a flower. This will surely lit up her morning. Do not let her do any house chores. Do it yourself.

These gestures are something which is your responsibility, but don’t worry we got you covered in the gift section. A gift is something which always cherishes a person and brings out the inner kid at the time of unwrapping it. CYAHI is all upbeat about Mother’s Day, so upbeat that we celebrate this day as a festival. We want to help celebrate this festival by offering 15% discount on all CYAHI products. Look and browse through our website to find “the perfect gift” for your mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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