6 Unconventional Places to visit this Summer Its almost may end and if you have still not planned your summer holiday plans, you are in deep trouble because its too late to get reservations in all the tourist places. Or is it? Here is the list...

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Why snorkelling best

21 Oct Snorkelling and why it’s the best!

Have you ever found yourself wondering how marvelous the world under the deep blue seas would look like? Or how it would feel to see the world from the eyes of a mermaid? Well, your best bet to discover is to go snorkelling!If you have...

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Tokyo in 24 Hours

11 Oct Tokyo in 24 hours

There’s no better place to get a taste of the eclectic Asian culture, than right here in Tokyo. The city is the perfect blend of a rich heritage, technology and ultra-modern pop culture.  Exhilarating experiences are in store for anyone who’s looking for the ultimate...

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