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11 May Hanging Wall Plates That Will Actually Make Your Wall Beautiful

Hanging posters and portraits on the wall is a great way to enhance your home wall but it’s pretty common too. If you are not into the idea of usual wall decoration then you should consider hanging wall plates on your wall. Having wall plates on the wall is a chic way to decorate a plain wall while it effortlessly creates a focal point. It does not require any creative skills because all that needs to be done is to choose the right wall plates and a stylish way to fix them on the wall. If you are looking for attractive wall plates that will actually make your wall beautiful, then keep reading because we have 10 perfect wall plates for you.

How to decorate walls with wall plates:
Decorating walls with wall plate designs is a fresh and inexpensive way to bring your home decor to life. For a classy look, go for something with a lot of whites or light colors in general. Here are 3 useful tips to hang wall plates efficiently.
1| Use Painter’s Tape
Create a guide using painter’s tape so that placing wall plates on the wall can be aligned and spot on.

painters tape

2| Use Paper Plates
To create a mock design and see how the patterns would look on the wall, stick paper plates on the wall. Once you are happy with the design, replace each paper plate with the original wall plate.

3| Trace the Design on a Chart Paper
If you don’t wish to ruin your walls with pencil marks, there’s another easy way to try several designs on the wall. If you are confused between several designs, trace the patterns on large chart papers and place them on the wall to see how the design would look on the wall. Once you have a final design, cut the plates (circles) out and stick the chart paper on the wall (the chart will now act as a guide). Hang the plates inside empty circles and once done, remove the chart paper.

Here are Cyahi’s top 5 wall plates that will surely brighten up your wall:

1| Frangipani Wall Plate
The combination of a Frangipani flower and Monstera leaves on baby pink base will look gorgeous on any backdrop, especially white and purple.

Frangipani Wall Plate

2| Zamia Wall Plate
Zamia leaves on white backdrop is perfect on its own or when teamed with other wall plates. The tropical design is capable to drawing everyone’s attention to the wall.

Zamia Wall Plate

3| Crimson Bloom Wall Plate
This floral design is perfect to add a focal point in your living room and is ideal to add some color to the bedroom wall too.

Crimson Bloom Wall Plate

4| Dance of the Flamingos Wall Plate
This playful and elegant flamingo wall plate will add beauty to any wall and the white backdrop is ideal for any wall color.

Dance of the Flamingos Wall Plate

5| Floral Dreams Wall Plate
This magnificent blue Anemone flower wall plate is a special one and as you can see below, it can freshen up even the most bland wall.

Floral Dreams Wall Plate

Hope you found this article helpful. Share your wall plate decoration tips with us below.

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