26 Oct 5 Attractive Diwali Lighting Decoration – Light ‘Em Up!


The festival of light is round the corner and everyone is excited to light up their houses! While there are tons of lanterns and diyas available out in the market, it’s always a fun exercise to make your own lanterns and adornments for the Diwali season.

So we at Cyahi decided to compile a list of some easy, but gorgeous lanterns made out of the everyday items. They are really easy to make, with very little material and next to zero effort or expertise needed.

1. Mason Jar Hues: These lanterns are so easy to make, and yet look so festive! Just use some kite paper, glue and mason jars and you can have them ready in no time. Line up your balconies and windows with these and the mood for the festival is all set.


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2. Strings On Fire: This one is the perfect DIY lantern not just for the Diwali season but also for dinner parties on the roof tops, soirees or a romantic candle-lit dinner. A few balloons, some string and glue is all that you need to create these rustic and divine lanterns.


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3. Origami Lights: Now this is for those of you who really don’t want to put in any time, effort or money into decorating your home for Diwali. All you need is some colourful origami papers and some paper folding skills and Viola! Your home is all decked up for Diwali.


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4. Wine Bottle Lantern: If you want to go that extra mile and are a science geek (like some of us here) this one is for you. It involves glass and fire. Ooh! Sounds like your Diwali is already here. Although this one involves you to put in some time and effort, the results are incredible and let’s not forget that ego boost at the end of it all.


Post courtesy The Life of Mrs. Timm

5. Lazy Lad’s Lantern: If you’re like one of us and you have found yourself waking up a second before that Diwali madness with nothing but a college like dorm of a house, Fret Not! This one just needs the rangoli templates that are available at all provision stores this season. That’s it!


Post Courtesy Lines Across

So get in the mood for festivities, lights, laughter and fun this Diwali and keep checking this space for more Diwali DIYs, recipes and ideas!

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