05 Jun Art Nouveau and CYAHI

Many of us may not be designing students or history students, but what we do are, is an art enthusiast. And with that spirit we would like to introduce you to a mesmerising and an intriguing world of Art Nouveau.

What is Art Nouveau and how does it influence us and our designs?

Well, it was an art movement that revolutionized the world of art and architecture in the late 19th and early 20th century. Art Nouveau was meant to free art from its outdated beliefs and help involve new techniques and forms that were more reflective of society. Traditionalists viewed painting and sculpture arts superior to craft-based decorative arts. This movement saw more artists and architects creating designs which were more appropriate to the modern age characterized by flowing lines and floral motifs. These included forms that resembled the stems and blossoms of plants as well as geometric forms such as squares and rectangles.

Art Nouveau represents the beginning of modernism in design. It occurred at a time when mass-produced consumer goods began to fill the marketplace, and various designers, architects, and artists started to realize that the handcrafted work of past centuries could be lost. While retaining this craft tradition, art nouveau designers opted to reject traditional styles in favour of new and organic forms that accentuated humanity’s connection to nature.

It incorporated all forms of art and design:

  • architecture
  • furniture
  • glassware
  • graphic design
  • jewellery
  • painting
  • pottery
  • metalwork
  • textile

This was a drastic contrast to the traditional separation of art into the distinct categories of fine art (painting and sculpture) and applied arts (ceramics, furniture, and other practical objects).

Although Art Nouveau was a short lived movement, it is still used as an inspiration for various forms of art. We at CYAHI are no different. We believe in reviving this lost memorable art which played a significant role for over a century. With this essence, we are proud to announce our new range of cushion covers repossessing the same features as Art Nouveau, which stirred the world of art.

The smooth flowing lines, muted colours, floral and tropical motifs, geometrical as well as asymmetrical shapes play essential roles at our design boards.

Check out more of this at our Cushion Covers & Throws section and bring one home soon. These covers will definitely stir up an interesting and intellectual conversation over a glass of fine wine with your guests.

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