29 Oct 5 Minute Hairdos for the Everyday


You’ve got your suit on point, your make up looks dapper and your shoes look like you’re ready to walk the ramp! So make sure your hair isn’t left out. Here are a few simple yet unique hairdos you can conjure up in minutes which will help you get the ultimate professional look without the extra cost!

We have listed down 5 of our favourite easy to do office hairdos that you can carry around with panache, and no strain on the pocket:

1) Crowning Glory: This is a classic hairdo that you can be done with within minutes. It not only looks great on pretty much every outfit but its versatility can transcend beyond your work space too!


To know how to get this look, click here

2) Thick ‘N’ Strong: This is a fun and sprightly hairdo especially if you have long unmanageable hair. This style makes sure your hair stays in place without getting too boring, and we guarantee you will fall in love with this look!


Get you thick fish braid look here

3) Bohemian Milkmaid: This look goes great with a sleek dress and minimal makeup. Even a messy take on this can add to its charm. This style makes sure all the hair and tiny strands are out of the way so you can focus on all the important stuff, while looking super cute.


Click here to have fun!

4) Swept Away!: This is a cute, chic style that will go great with your office environment as well as after work fun! Make your work a lot more enjoyable by dishing out this great hairstyle that can change any dull day into an exciting one.


Get this quick look in real easy steps

5) That 60’s Chick: Go retro with this sweet little pony tail with a back combed head. If your go to hairstyle is a simple pony, make sure to add more charm and allure with this elegant and never-out-of-style updo. Match it with single long winged eyeliner strokes and rosy cheeks and you will have heads turning your way for sure!


Get this stylish look here

6) Tuck It Away: This look will definitely steal hearts. It’s great for a professional and down-to-business look. It’s simple and makes sure none of those fly away strands come in your way while you’re out to conquer the world. This hairdo will surely make you go back to it again and again.


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These are our recommended hairdos for the perfect look you can take to your work place, but you can always get more creative and add your own little charm to them! So have fun and go rock the world!!!

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