Reasons we love mugs

12 Dec 4 Reason Why We Love Mugs

Whether it’s coffee on a Sunday morning or eggnog during the holiday season that you are enjoying, what you ‘drink in’ makes a world of difference. Your mug selection says a lot about you, especially if you are a tea or coffee aficionado. Cyahi’s collection of mugs is inspired by fine art and each piece are created with care and precision. The best part about these mugs is the unique designs which make them easily blend in any type of room decor.

Here are 4 reasons why we love mugs:

  1. Mugs Make Mornings Double Fun

Most people need a cup of tea or coffee to start the day and for that set of people a special mug that they can call their own, is a vital item. I even know families who have dedicated mugs for each member of the clan. Whether your mug has some writing on it, a design or nothing, you know that it’s the first thing that makes you smile in the morning.

  1. They Are Soup Friendly

If you’ve only used a coffee mug to drink coffee or tea in, then you ought to try it for something else too. Because, why not? Mugs are perfect to eat soup in, especially on chilly winter evenings. And it’s practical too – your hands won’t burn and you won’t need a spoon to have your soup. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.

  1. Mugs Are Perfect To Hold Almost Anything

Mugs are useful for even the ones who don’t fancy hot beverage so much. They are great for cold drinks too and make for great pen or spoon holder. A bright mug will instantly brighten up your desk at work or study table at home.

  1. It’s an Awesome Gifting Item

There are so many different designs available that they have to make the best gifting option there is. Nothing says ‘I care’, better than a mug that represents the person or their relationship with you.

Here are 4 of Cyahi’s best selling mugs:

The Golden Fall – Porcelain Mug
Cyahi’s mugs with elegant colourful motifs are everyone’s favorite. These mugs set the mood for a perfect tea gathering with friends and family.

The Golden Fall-Mug

Rise and Shine! – Porcelain Mug
This special bird motif mug will easily blend in and enhance your kitchenware collection. The white mug with delicate floral pattern is perfect for homes with classic home decor. They especially go great with Scandinavian home interior.
Rise and Shine! - Porcelain Mug

The Royal Emperor – Porcelain Mug
Our transparent amber mug pattern is inspired by Royal design. The beautiful design motif will take you to your happy place every time you drink from it. Cyahi’s mugs are 100% microwave friendly and easy to maintain.
 The Royal Emperor - Porcelain Mug

What Does The Fox Say – Mug
Any hot beverage in this gorgeous fox mug will make it awesome. The uniqueness of the pattern makes this mug one of a kind.
 What Does The Fox Say - Mug

There are two types of people in the world – you either love mugs or you don’t. So, which are you? Let us know!

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The best part about the mugs is the unique designs which make them easily blend in any type of room decor. Here is the 4 reason why we love mugs.
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