20 Apr Our Thoughts on ’13 Reasons Why’ (Spoiler Free)

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It was proved by Newton’s 3rd law of motion for the purposes of physics, yet amazingly it applies to every situation and issue concerned with our daily lives. This amazing new series from Netflix shows us exactly how few words or some actions can affect someone’s life or here in this case, end a life.

Netflix did an incredible job in bringing out the words live out to the action from the book. Usually, most filmmakers fail to bring the essence of the book into the movie or a series, but with this they have done an astounding job of keeping the essence intact.

Our protagonist Hannah Baker is a high school teen in her sophomore year who deals with various hardships like heartbreaks, peer pressure, betrayals and many more unimaginable things, which by the way I am sure that no normal teen experiences. All these terrible things led her to take her life. Before committing suicide she records thirteen audio tapes depicting her thirteen reasons behind her death. The tapes get passed on to every person responsible, to make them feel the agony and the pain that she suffered as a consequence of their actions. The series starts from our another protagonist Clay Jensen who receives the set of tapes anonymously. Unlike the other characters in the series, Clay consumes a lot of time in going through these tapes. This is mostly due to shock and horror he experiences in listening to Hannah’s pain in her own voice. Clay always loved Hannah but never had the stomach to express it before it was too late.

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The series is a heart touching and tear dropping experience, which makes us realize whether all the actions and words that come out of us are well thought of or not, like things which we may find funny but may not be as funny to others. In a way this series has accomplished to remind us to be kind and humble to every person out there and to reach out to our loved ones when in pain. Containing pain within is highly poisonous, one needs to let it out and share it. So keep sharing and keep loving.

I highly recommend this series to be a weekend binge. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers!

Thirteen reasons why : 4 out 5 Beer jugs

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