16 Jun DIY Wall Decor – Using Plates For a Gorgeous Wall

Did you think plates are only good for making your dinner tables look good? Think again! Plates can actually be pretty versatile as gorgeous decor pieces too and can be used to add some drama to a dreary blank space of the walls. Hanged plates on walls is a style that is not only easy to try out but also hardly ever goes out of vogue. So, we have a few ways you can try to mix and match plates to create your own DIY hanged plate wall decor!

Spice up a Blank Space

Hanging plates on walls can be a fun way to add focus to a certain wall in your living or dining room, or to highlight your favorite furniture (be it a couch or a nice book case).


DIY Wall Decor

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But, one can also use them creatively to fill up a corner wall space or a narrow passageway wall.

DIY Wall Decor image

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Play with Patterns

One can really unleash their inner creativity to create a wall design to match their style of home.  From creating a Vintage style to a more modern look, they are perfect for every style.

Play with Pattern

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Patterns are important – Though it can be  as simple as a straight line or something elaborate like a free flowing curve.


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Explore with Sizes

Using a single size is great when using a few pieces – but different sizes, means more drama!


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Make the Colors Pop

Playing with colors is another way to go about it – Try experimenting with monochrome or go all out on pop colors and different designs.

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Use signature pieces or solid colors as highlights –

Wall plate

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Cyahi has some great collections of plates in unique designs that you can use to create your own DIY walls!  Just remember to make a plan before jumping right into it and most importantly- have fun!

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