decorate with mini flower vase


No matter how scary the thought of re-doing a certain part of your home may sound, at one point it needs to be taken care of. Whether it’s your living room, dining area or bedroom, remodelling can be challenging. That said, redecorating the dining area can be the simplest of all, in my opinion. So, here we are, ready to share some of our tips to help you re-do your dining area without making huge alterations to the structure of the room.

1| Decorate With Mini Flower Vase

decorate with mini flower vase

If your dining table looks a bit undone, maybe it’s because it’s missing some fresh flowers. If you have empty mason jars, clean and reuse them as adorable mini flower vase.  Keep at least 2-3 in the center of the table to add some life to the atmosphere.

2| Table Mats

Table Mats

Table mats are not only useful but also a treat to the eyes. Vibrant table mats instantly spread dynamic vibes in the room. Here are Cyahi’s best-selling table mats:

  • Tropic Table Mat

This beautiful tropic pattern will instantly set the mood for a sumptuous meal. Get more information about Tropic table mat here.

Tropic Table Mat

  • Bubbly Joys Table Mats

Cyahi’s Bubbly Joys table mat is a crowd pleaser. Whether its dinner or drinks party, these mats will blend in and make the ambience even better.

bubbly joys table mats

  • Tales from the Past Table Mats

This eye-catching motif will attract everyone’s attention at the dinner table. Place these flamboyant table mats on the table and you’ll notice a distinct difference in the aura.

tales from the past table mats

3| Funky Coasters

funky coasters

Try adding a set of striking coasters to the table. Cyahi’s brilliant collection of coasters has something for everyone. You can go for a funky pattern like Cyahi’s Travel The World Coasters or go for a simple and elegant pattern like Cyahi’s Fruity Passions Coasters.

Check out the complete coasters archive here.

4| Dining Tray

dining tray

If you have a precious center piece for your dining table, try placing it on a dining tray. The colourful pattern on the dining tray will make the dining area look mesmerizing. Or you can simply place one or a set of two on the table and use it to serve food and beverages to guests when needed. Take a look at Cyahi’s captivation collection of dining trays.

  • Foxy Dining Tray

White backdrop on this dining tray brings out the fox and the beauty of nature perfectly. Cyahi’s dining trays are inspired by Nordic designs to bring beauty and rich vibes to the atmosphere.

foxy dining tray

  • Kaleidoscope Dining Tray

Just like a kaleidoscope that changes patterns, this dining tray is created keeping the classic instrument in mind. The alluring patterns and hues on Cyahi’s dining tray will make your dining area even more stunning.

Kaleidoscope Dining Tray

  • Camping Joys Dining Tray

How about this playful camping pattern dining tray? Perfect for travel lovers and kids too, with a touch of style and grace. For more information, check out Cyhai’s dinning tray archive.

Camping Joys Dining Tray

5| Glassware


Why display plain old glassware when you can decorate your dining area with creative glassware. When it comes to serving beverages, there are no rules in this time and age. You can serve water in a tall glass, fresh juice or beer in a Mason jar and water in a round glass, the options are limitless. So, get creative, and if you are confused about where to begin, check out Cyahi’s best selling glassware to redecorate your dining area.

  • Ocean’s Calling

Use these gorgeous blue glasses to serve hot mocha or cold water. Doesn’t matter what you choose, this glass won’t disappoint.

oceans calling

  • Arabian Nights

This beverage jar will take your mind back to the golden age when drinks were served out of similar looking jars. Set this enchanting jar on the table and serve your favorite beverage to your guests.


  • Amethyst Allure

The color of this stylish glass resembles a precious amethyst gem stone. Drink water or wine in this glass and enjoy the feeling.


What do you think of these ideas to re-do the dining area? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.


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