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20 Sep What is Nordic-Inspired Home Design?

Nordic designs, also widely known as Scandinavian designs, are inspired by five Nordic countries – Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark. Nordic design was first introduced in the 1950s ranging in designs related to home interior, furniture and kitchenware. Nordic designs inspired kitchenware, dinnerware and home interiors have become excessively popular all around the world in the recent years.

About Nordic Home Design

Scandinavian or Nordic inspired home designs are fairly simple and minimalist with clean finish and rich feel. Nordic style in home decor accentuates in keeping the interior ethereal and well-balanced.  The simplicity of Nordic design speaks for itself without being too heavy on the eyes, as the core idea is for the product to look graceful and elegant. Like any other home designs, Nordic –inspired home design is also focused on beauty however, it’s far from appearing too glitzy. Though having authentic Scandinavian inspired products and furniture would give your home a real Nordic style feel, it’s not necessary to buy them if you can’t, because Nordic-inspired interior is pretty simple to achieve by altering few things around the house.

Here are a few awesome ideas to turn your home into a Nordic-inspired haven:


1| White/Grey Walls
white grey walls

One of the most prominent features of Nordic designs is ‘white’ or ‘grey’ walls. If you already have white walls and white furniture, you are halfway there. Keep reading…

2| Light Weight Wooden Chairs/Table

wooden chairs table

Add a set of stylish wooden folding chair in your living room and it will change the look drastically. A sleek centre table (without a table cloth) will do the same. You could also try matching your dining chairs to elevate the interior.

3| Cactus Plant


Remember, Nordic design is all about keeping things ‘simple yet stylish, minimalist yet something which speaks for itself’. Adding some plants to the interior is a great way to have natural greenery in the room and Cacti (big or small) is ideal for Nordic-inspired home design.

4| Vintage Centre Table


Nordic style is a fusion of old and new however, there has to be a balance. None of the element should overpower the others. So, anything vintage would elicit the rustic beauty your room needs. For instance, a vintage centre table or a cabinet is perfect.

5| A Pop Of Blue

a pop of blue

Add some variation to the white, black and brown look in your room by adding something blue. A bright blue rug, lamp or a large wall art would do the job just fine. You could even add our bright glassware collection to your dining room to bring out the true Nordic interior.

6| Large Calendar

Large Calendar

Want an authentic Nordic style feel? Ditch those traditional tiny calendars and get a large graphic calendar; preferably black and white, as it would go well with your milky-white/grey walls.

7| Big Paper Lanterns

big paper lanterns

There’s something magical about hanging lanterns, more so when they are white. White paper lanterns are tasteful and look great in the kitchen, dining or living area. Hang one in the centre of your dining area; all of it will go perfectly with our white dining table mat set and elegant tray collection.

8| Simple Wall Art

simple wall art

Wall art is an important component of Nordic-inspired home design, so any modish monochromatic or double-toned art will perfect your home interior.

Hope you got to know a little something about Nordic-inspired home designs. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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