Kylie's Lip Glosses

05 Nov Are Kylie’s Lip Glosses worth the hype?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock – there’s no way you had escaped the update about Kylie Jenner comes out with her latest lip gloss range. Ever since Kylie Glosses went on sale, (with a gorgeous commercial), fashion enthusiasts have been waiting to get a hand on the goodies.

Kylie lip kits hit us in all the right spots – so, it’s time we looked into Kylie Glosses and determine for ourselves if the hefty price tag ($15, to be precise) is indeed worth it for a lip gloss?

So glam so kylie

The neutralized hues lip glosses come in three shades – Like (dark), Literally (medium) and So Cute (light).

Ami Sciarretto over at Bustle states – “Kylie Glosses are super pigmented and apply like an extra glossy liquid lipstick. They also last longer than your standard gloss.”

Unlike the lip kits, they do not come together with lip pencils- and you might have to hunt for a lip pencil on your own for this one (It is quite recommended to get one since the nude colors demand a little more definition).


Beauty blogger Irene over at Gingham and Sparkle says, “ I think if you are also a fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, you will like this product because remember after all, you are buying into the name and brand.”

So true! When it comes to anything “Lips”, it is Kylie we can blindly trust in. The shades are indeed super cute (we anticipate a more elaborate range soon), and it does score pretty well on all the roundings of a good gloss! So, is all this hype around Kylie Glosses really worth it? We are sure betting on it!

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