Perfect picnic basket

29 Nov Tips To Plan a Perfect Picnic!

Winters in India are synonymous with picnics. The nip in the air reminds us of getting out of the city hustle and closer to nature (even if we are just going to the park in the city). There’s a picnic on our minds! Time to...

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15 Jul Rocking a Chiffon Scarf

In a weather like this, it’s less about keeping it trendy and more about making a statement. The one accessory every woman needs in her day to day life is a Chiffon Scarf! It’s such a great piece to go classic or rock it in outlandish...

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Safe Holi

04 Mar Tips To Celebrate Safe Holi This Year!

Holi is one of the biggest and most important festivals of India. It is incredible how people of different religion and backgrounds come together to celebrate this auspicious and super fun festival. Bright colors, loud music, sweets and so much laughter, that’s what Holi is...

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Hygee Viral Concept

18 Jan Hygge and why the concept is going viral!

Lifestyle trends come and go, but here’s a trend that we are totally on board with - Hygge!Pronounced as "hoo-ga", the Danish concept of cozy living is going viral with the hashtag #hygge gathering millions of post celebrating the trend. And it is being predicted...

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Trendy Hangbags 2017

24 Dec Trendy Handbags for women in 2017

Handbags! No matter how many you get, it’s never enough. And every year seems to bring with it new trends and fashions of exclusive and new handbags that we would love to flaunt. So what is the trend meter suggesting in the impending 2017? Let’s...

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Reasons we love mugs

12 Dec 4 Reason Why We Love Mugs

Whether it’s coffee on a Sunday morning or eggnog during the holiday season that you are enjoying, what you ‘drink in’ makes a world of difference. Your mug selection says a lot about you, especially if you are a tea or coffee aficionado. Cyahi’s...

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22 Nov Top 6 Women Fashion Trends for Winter

Sweater weather is here! And, that doesn’t have to make the Fashionistas sad. Sure, it’s time to bid the Sunnis and the summery skirts a goodbye, but it’s also the season for the quirky experimentation with winter wear. So let’s usher in the winters with some...

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Kylie's Lip Glosses

05 Nov Are Kylie’s Lip Glosses worth the hype?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock - there’s no way you had escaped the update about Kylie Jenner comes out with her latest lip gloss range. Ever since Kylie Glosses went on sale, (with a gorgeous commercial), fashion enthusiasts have been waiting to get...

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Go Traditional

27 Oct Diwali Fashion Styling Ideas for Women

What can you do differently this Diwali to chip in on the festive spirit and not look like everyone else as well? Would you traditional or chic? Or maybe a mix and match for both. We have all the Diwali fashion styling ideas you need...

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