05 Jun Art Nouveau and CYAHI

Many of us may not be designing students or history students, but what we do are, is an art enthusiast. And with that spirit we would like to introduce you to a mesmerising and an intriguing world of Art Nouveau. What is Art Nouveau and how...

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Home Decor Inspiration

20 Sep What is Nordic-Inspired Home Design?

Nordic designs, also widely known as Scandinavian designs, are inspired by five Nordic countries – Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark. Nordic design was first introduced in the 1950s ranging in designs related to home interior, furniture and kitchenware. Nordic designs inspired kitchenware, dinnerware and...

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Cyahi Glass Mug

02 Aug Say Cheers In Style with Cyahi’s Glass Mug

Cyahi’s products are all about elegance and class. Whether it’s a fashion, dining or home décor product, you can always expect it to stand out and speak for itself. Cyahi’s collection is vastly inspired by fine art and unique Indie designs. If you are passionate...

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