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08 Oct Best 5 Alternative Uses for Jewellery Boxes

The trend of having a jewellery box has been around for many generations. These little safety boxes are so valued that they are often passed down as heirlooms. The primary job of a jewellery box is to keep precious accessories safe from exposure and damage and every woman should possess a jewellery box that she can call her own. It’s a great place to store valuable earrings, delicate necklaces, bracelets and other items. Buying a sturdy jewellery box is always a good investment as it can be used to store numerous things other than jewellery.

The most alternate uses for a jewellery box other than storing jewellery.


1| To Keep Memorable Photos

memorable photos

Photos are a lot different now than what they used to be. Watching photos on a computer screen or phone doesn’t come close to the feeling of holding a Polaroid in your hand and reminiscing old memories. Hold on to those precious photos and store them in a jewellery box so they are accessible whenever you miss those moments.

2| To Display Small Perfume Bottles

small perfume bottles

Small perfume bottles can be difficult to find and can be lost easily around the house. Display them in an open jewellery box so they are easy to find and compliment your dresser at the same time.

3| Store Your Love Notes/Wedding Vows

love notes & wedding vowsIf you are one of those who preserve old love letters or wedding vows, then you know how difficult it is to dig into the closet every time you feel like re-reading those notes. Why not store those cherished words in an enchanting keepsake box?

4| Small Beauty Products/Accessories

beauty products & accessories

If you are not a not into jewellery or accessories, you can always use a jewellery box to store small hair accessories and beauty products such as hair ties, face cream, bobby pins and clips.

5| Store Valuable Gifts

valuable gifts

Valuable gifts such as a watch, sunglasses, or key chains from a special someone can be kept safe in a jewellery box.

Aside from all the above mentioned uses, a good jewellery box makes a lovely gift for someone you care for. Every woman will admire a nice keepsake box.

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