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28 Sep 5 DIY Blogs You Should Follow

Who doesn’t love creating beautiful stuff out of the ordinary and adding a little personal touch to their things? But, let’s face it  – not everyone of us has the creative bug in them. Most of us can’t even cut or paste in real time, to save our lives. And, every time we try to create something it ends up looking like something else.

But, that is exactly why there are these bloggers who are creating pretty things and giving us major DIY goals with easy to follow tutorials.

Here is the list of some of the must-follow bloggers who are making the internet a beautiful space – one DIY blog at a time!

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful mess DIY Blog

Sisters Elsie and Emma are easily the DIY queens you gotta check out and their pro level  website and blog has a  whole section dedicated to DIY featuring gorgeous photo ledges to beautiful jewellery boxes.

Almost Makes Perfect

Almost Makes Perfect DIY Blog

If you are looking to make something easy but equally delightful, Almost Makes Perfect is the right place for you. Freelance graphic designer, Molly makes all that is simple but pretty – from guest cards to planners.

Pretty Handy Girl

Pretty Handy Girl DIY Blog

Determined to break stereotypes with her hardcore DIY blog, Pretty Handy Girl, Brittany isn’t shy when it comes to wielding tools and showing us how to build  pretty planters to doing your own lighting and plumbing!

Vintage Revivals

Vintage Revivals DIY Blog

If you are in love with everything vintage and classic – Vintage Revivals is the blog that shows you how to deck up your rooms with pretty DIY vintage style pieces that never go out of vogue.

Aunt Peaches

Aunt Peaches DIY Blog

Trust Aunt Peaches with the quirkiest art pieces and the best recycled/upcycled art DIY out there. This blog focuses on a whole lot of colors and good vibes that you certainly cannot afford to miss out!


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