Perfect picnic basket
29 Nov
Tips To Plan a Perfect Picnic!

Winters in India are synonymous with picnics. The nip in the air reminds us of getting out of the city hustle and closer to nature (even if we are just going to the park in the city). There’s a picnic on our minds! Time to...

table linens napkins
25 Nov
Top 3 Table Napkin Styling Tips!

Nothing adds class to a table setting like a posh table napkin folded to perfection. And, they are also kind of fun to learn and try! Here are some ways you can fold your pretty table napkins creatively to set it up for a brunch...

Bedroom Table Lamps
21 Nov
Ways To Change Your Bedroom Looks With Table Lamps!

There might be a million ways to style your bedroom. But if there is one thing that can easily and economically perk up any simple bedroom space -it’s none other than Table lamps! They come in all shapes, styles and sizes and just adding them...

Dining Table Design Ideas
13 Nov
Top 5 Dining Table Design Ideas

When it comes to having people over, dining area is the most important part of every home. Every dining table should have a positive vibe that says, 'come eat with us'. Do you agree? And not only for the guests, but even for families, dining...

Christmas Wall Decoration
10 Nov
Top 5 Trending Christmas Wall Decoration ideas

Once again, it's that time of the year when every house glows up with lights and decorations. If you are on a mission to give your home a glow up too, here are top 5 trending ideas to pay attention to every corner of your...

Vanity Bags
06 Nov
Is Vanity Bags Any Good? 5 Ways You Can Be Certain

Wondering if you really need a vanity bag?A lot of us have always thought that our good old purses are good enough to carry all our essentials.Maybe you just need a few good reasons to get yourself to say a “Yes” to the pretty little...

03 Aug
How to Set a Table: Bone China and Wooden Serveware

Setting a welcoming table is one of the joys of hosting, so relax and have fun with it. Pick a level of formality for your table that suits your style, the event and your guests. Then enjoy the creative experience as you create a table...

20 Jul
Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) Gift Ideas

The festival of Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) holds a special space in the hearts of most Indian households.  It is the sign of expressing love and care to our brother and sister. There are numerous different traditions that make this day special but one common custom is...

19 Jul
Smartphones Vs Wrist Watches

With most of us using smartphones these days, you might think wrist watches or clocks are a little old fashioned, since checking your phone every 2 seconds makes you aware of the time anyway. But we think there’s no way watches would ever go out...

15 Jul
Rocking a Chiffon Scarf

In a weather like this, it’s less about keeping it trendy and more about making a statement. The one accessory every woman needs in her day to day life is a Chiffon Scarf! It’s such a great piece to go classic or rock it in outlandish...

12 Jun
Summer Cocktail Ideas

Summer is here and it is advised to be hydrated all the time. But being hydrated with water is just too mainstream, don't you think? Really the best way to enjoy summer and be hydrated at the same time is to drink, not water, but...

09 Jun

FATHER'S DAY Changing your diapers, tying your shoe laces, carrying your school bag and water bottle, helping you with math homework, teaching you how to ride a bicycle and when you get older, teaching you how to drive a car are among so many other things...

06 Jun
WONDER WOMAN Review (Spoiler Free)

For a long time DCEU has been trying to leave their mark on the box office and pleasing the critics (you know who), but regardless of all their efforts, they couldn’t live up to the expectations of the common masses. I say common masses because...

05 Jun
Art Nouveau and CYAHI

Many of us may not be designing students or history students, but what we do are, is an art enthusiast. And with that spirit we would like to introduce you to a mesmerising and an intriguing world of Art Nouveau. What is Art Nouveau and how...

05 Jun

Stuff We Love: Wall Plates by Cyahi Design Co.I love wall plates. And these wall plates by the Cyahi Design company are so so good. Earlier this month I wrote on instagram about how I could do with a few wall plates in my life...

22 May

6 Unconventional Places to visit this Summer Its almost may end and if you have still not planned your summer holiday plans, you are in deep trouble because its too late to get reservations in all the tourist places. Or is it? Here is the list...

19 May
Wood for the Vacation Homes

Vacation homes or weekend cabins are really an escape pod from reality. Outside all the chaos and the concrete jungle, it brings you back in the arms of Mother Nature. The soothing and calming vibes in the woods near a lake or a beach, where...

Mother's Day
11 May
Mother’s Day Celebration: 15% off on all CYAHI products

What does mother’s day mean to you?A day specially dedicated to your mother, where you to tell your mother just how much you appreciate, admire and adore her. While you are ought to treat her special everyday, Mother's Day is the one day of the year...

09 May
New Collection: CYAHI Luxury watches for women

Redefining luxuryWe believe that luxury timepiece should be exclusive and shouldn't be mass produced. CYAHI represents a new way to buy luxury watches that has a series of watches which vary in complexity and style. At Cyahi we are in a constant endeavour to redefine luxury.  Luxury...