06 Dec
4 Unique & Best Gifting Ideas for this Christmas

It’s the time of the year when excitement is high in the air. It all begins with those Secret Santa games in the office, to the filling of stocking for your kids and piling the presents around the Christmas tree. Everything rounds up to stressing...

Dear Zindagi Review
26 Nov
Movie Review- Dear Zindagi

Have you caught up with Dear Zindagi yet? Director Gauri Shinde’s latest offering seems to be the talk of the town lately. And, with the star studded cast such as this, we are sure hardly anyone can afford to miss it! The film stars Alia Bhat...

Women Fashion Trends for Winter
22 Nov
Top 6 Women Fashion Trends for Winter

Sweater weather is here! And, that doesn’t have to make the Fashionistas sad. Sure, it’s time to bid the Sunnis and the summery skirts a goodbye, but it’s also the season for the quirky experimentation with winter wear. So let’s usher in the winters with some...

Ways to Snazz up The Above Bed Space
18 Nov
Ways to Snazz up The Above Bed Space

Need a fresh bout of ideas to do up your lovely bedroom? Target the wall space above the bed. It’s the perfect area to draw some attention and create a bit of drama. There are a myriad of ways one can go about it -...

Kylie's Lip Glosses
05 Nov
Are Kylie’s Lip Glosses worth the hype?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock - there’s no way you had escaped the update about Kylie Jenner comes out with her latest lip gloss range. Ever since Kylie Glosses went on sale, (with a gorgeous commercial), fashion enthusiasts have been waiting to get...

Go Traditional
27 Oct
Diwali Fashion Styling Ideas for Women

What can you do differently this Diwali to chip in on the festive spirit and not look like everyone else as well? Would you traditional or chic? Or maybe a mix and match for both. We have all the Diwali fashion styling ideas you need...

tea party ideas
22 Oct
How to Host an Afternoon Tea Party

Did the magical world of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte and Lewis Carol ever transport you to the Victorian charm of opulent vintage gowns and gloves, carriage rides across the green pastures of the countryside and the oh-so-meticulously planned afternoon tea parties? Did you ever...

Why snorkelling best
21 Oct
Snorkelling and why it’s the best!

Have you ever found yourself wondering how marvelous the world under the deep blue seas would look like? Or how it would feel to see the world from the eyes of a mermaid? Well, your best bet to discover is to go snorkelling! If you have...

Home Interior Decor for diwali
19 Oct
5 Ideas for Upgrade Home Interior Decor on this Diwali

Diwali season is when most people upgrade and make room for new things in the Home Interior Decoration. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, they all need a little bit of upgrade before the most awaited Indian festival. Decluttering can be time consuming and...

sunday recipes
15 Oct
Easy Sunday Brunch Recipes

Sunday’s menus demand something special. But, at the same time cooking might not be the only thing on your Sunday agenda. It’s just one day away from the dreaded Monday - think of all the things you’ll need to catch up on. This is why...

diy bath bombs
14 Oct
DIY Bath Bombs

It’s time for some more fun DIY with the Cyahi team! And, today we are doing some awesome bath bombs! Bath Bombs are the newest luxury bathtime fad  that we are totally digging - they are fun, fragrant, refreshing, and bathtime with them are like never...

diwali home interior decor idea
13 Oct
Top 5 Impressive Diwali Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

Diwali is the biggest and undoubtedly the most awaited festival of India. The festival falls between October and November every year and Indians all around the world look forward to celebrating this festival with near and dear ones. In a way, this is one festival...

Minimalist Decor Ideas
13 Oct
Minimalist Decor idea Cyahi’s Frames, Wall Plates and more…

“Home is where the heart is”, this famous quote is true indeed. No matter where we are, we never truly feel at peace unless we are home. But even the most beautiful home tends to lose its charm after a certain point. This doesn’t mean...

Tokyo in 24 Hours
11 Oct
Tokyo in 24 hours

There’s no better place to get a taste of the eclectic Asian culture, than right here in Tokyo. The city is the perfect blend of a rich heritage, technology and ultra-modern pop culture.  Exhilarating experiences are in store for anyone who’s looking for the ultimate...

titanic poster
10 Oct
Netflix Fall Show lineup

Bring out your cocktail glasses and get ready for a never ending Netflix movie night. All that is coming to Netflix this fall are exactly what our dreams are made of! The Netflix Gods have answered all our prayers - and they are getting us...

jewellery box
08 Oct
Best 5 Alternative Uses for Jewellery Boxes

The trend of having a jewellery box has been around for many generations. These little safety boxes are so valued that they are often passed down as heirlooms. The primary job of a jewellery box is to keep precious accessories safe from exposure and damage...

decorate with mini flower vase
07 Oct

No matter how scary the thought of re-doing a certain part of your home may sound, at one point it needs to be taken care of. Whether it’s your living room, dining area or bedroom, remodelling can be challenging. That said, redecorating the dining area...

chai versatile beverage
04 Oct
Chai-The Versatile Beverage

Is chai your choice of potion too? Tea originated in China and travelled through the breath of East Asia before reaching our beautiful country where we lovingly added our spices to it and the fragrant concoction came to be known as the “masala chai” as...

01 Oct
Doctor Strange

Are you as excited about the Doctor Strange movie as we are? The movie marks the return of Benedict Cumberbatch to the screens… and this time as a superhero. Superhero flicks have been on a roll this year. After DC scored big with its anti-hero super...

best DIY blogs
28 Sep
5 DIY Blogs You Should Follow

Who doesn’t love creating beautiful stuff out of the ordinary and adding a little personal touch to their things? But, let’s face it  - not everyone of us has the creative bug in them. Most of us can’t even cut or paste in real time,...