best DIY blogs
28 Sep
5 DIY Blogs You Should Follow

Who doesn’t love creating beautiful stuff out of the ordinary and adding a little personal touch to their things? But, let’s face it  - not everyone of us has the creative bug in them. Most of us can’t even cut or paste in real time,...

contries can visit without visa
24 Sep
Countries you can visit without a visa

All work and no play making you fidgety already? Can’t wait to hit the road again? Here is a list of countries that should be on your radar then! If you are one of those who like to pack your bags on a whim and set...

Home Decor Inspiration
20 Sep
What is Nordic-Inspired Home Design?

Nordic designs, also widely known as Scandinavian designs, are inspired by five Nordic countries – Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark. Nordic design was first introduced in the 1950s ranging in designs related to home interior, furniture and kitchenware. Nordic designs inspired kitchenware, dinnerware and...

12 Aug

Summers have finally made way for a refreshing monsoon season, and between the light showers and endless cups of warm chai, we can’t help feeling the urge to take a quick break and hit the road. The rain-washed countryside seems much more inviting than the...

08 Aug

Are you planning for a movie night? We all know how expensive a night out to the theatres can get. Ticket, popcorn and extras, can all add up to a little fortune. Instead if you have a group of friends, who love geeking out on...

02 Aug
Say Cheers In Style!

Cyahi’s products are all about elegance and class. Whether it’s a fashion, dining or home décor product, you can always expect it to stand out and speak for itself. Cyahi’s collection is vastly inspired by fine art and unique Indie designs. If you are passionate...

01 Aug
RakshaBandhan Gift Ideas

RakshaBandhan is one the most sacred Indian festivals which celebrates the bond between a brother and sister. This day is perfect for brothers and sisters to show their love for one another. There are numerous different traditions that make this day special but one common...

24 Jul
Movie review: Kabali

The talk of the town have all been focused on Thalaivar lately. Topping off Sultan’s craze like it was no big deal, fans have been thronging cinemas to experience the South Super Star weave his magic. So yes, many a records were broken and whopping...

14 Jul
Daytime and Evening Floral Pattern Silk Clutches

There are a few reasons not to carry a clutch purse but trust me, there are a lot more reason to carry one. And when you add stylish floral patterns to the equation, it can be pretty hard to resist owning one. Yes, us girls...

02 Jul
Monsoon Essentials: Get Ready For the Rains!

It’s that time of the year again! Rains are in order and that means a cool break after a sultry summer. But, heading out in the rains is always be a tricky affair. As much as we love the rains getting drenched isn’t always the...

01 Jul
Iced Tea Cocktails

Nothing spells more refreshing in the summer than a cool drink of Iced Tea. And, the best way go about is by having it spiked. They are the perfect cocktails for those summer afternoon brunches and even for those evening parties. They are refreshingly loaded...

28 Jun
Game of Thrones Season Finale

While Battle of the Bastards was considered one of the best episodes of the series, season finale “The Winds of Winter” is definitely a powerful game changing episode. The 70-minutes finale is the show’s longest episode ever and has had the most characters wiped out...

27 Jun
Things to lookout for in Netflix in July 2016

The Netflix rage is fast catching up on us! And, as Netflix ritual goes, every month a bunch of new and awesome movies/shows are added to make our binging experience all the more better. July looks pretty exciting that way with some new movies and...

24 Jun
Clear Transparent Phone Cases For iPhone

iPhone is one of the very few phones that’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s built in a way that’s perfect for men as well as women. It’s sleek, stylish and classy. Because iPhones are so delicate and pretty, users wish to protect their phones with a protective...

22 Jun
Movie Review – Udta Punjab

Triumphing over controversies and roadblocks, Udta Punjab finally made it to the screens earlier this week. And damn, what a glorious opening weekend it has been! Goes to show that a well-made film has its winning streak regardless of the number of hurdles it faces....

21 Jun
Game of Thrones Episode Review: Battle of the Bastards

Spoiler Alert:  If you haven’t yet watched this week’s epic Game of Thrones episode, it is a good time to turn around. If you’ve already experienced the super game changing “Battle of the Bastards”, and are still trying to wrap your head around all the awesome...

20 Jun
Vegan Leather Bags

Vegan leather also known as faux leather is synthetically made cruelty free leather. Pure leather is made from animal skin therefore; they are bad and not animal-friendly. To be stylish, some people strictly opt for pure leather but the truth is that you can be...

18 Jun
Father’s Day Weekend Movie – Little Miss Sunshine

It’s that time of the year when gifts for fathers are high on sale. Gifts are great, but what makes our daddies the happiest is some good ol’ quality family time. After all it is not every day we get to show some love to...

Cover Image
17 Jun
Beauty Guide – Tips and Tricks For Contouring in Summers

Beauty trends come and go - but, if we have learnt anything from the past year, it is certain that contouring is here to stay! Popularized by stars like Kim Kardashian, contouring still remains the most talked about makeup secret ever. A simple magical technique...

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